Website Case Study – NPR

imagesWhat is your first impression of the site? Think of the “3 second rule.” (pg 31)

Simple (not flashy), no ads, informative, effective

How does this site establish credibility? How does it establish trust? Or does it? (pg 28-29)

Authentic voice?



What is the general writing style?

– Biased?

– Objective? Mostly objective – mildly liberal; doesn’t really lean left or right – designed to inform

Does the writer IDENTIFY with his or her readers, or not? How (or why not)?

Most NPR readers go solely for the news – don’t go for heated debates or writers who feed bias

Does the writing style get to the point?

How is it arranged? Is it arranged in reverse pyramid style?

Is content shaped for scanning? How is the content layered? (p 32)

Very linear with bold, large headlines – ideal for scanning

Is the tone or rhythm of the site consistent throughout? yes

How does the site use headlines?

How does it use links? Effectively or not?

How is multimedia used? Is it distracting? How is it displayed on the site? Does the multimedia tell the same story as the text, or a different side of the story?

How does the site “package” stories? (pg 36)

Layout very simple – most stories have an accompanying radio segment that is presented first, this is followed by one eye-catching image, and then article itself follows shortly after; very short article that basically summarizes radio segment

How are graphics used? Very simple and effective – headline with accompanying image and link

Too cluttered?

Are the graphics consistent through out the site, and consistent to the brand? Very minimal graphics – one image per article and the same image seen from front page

Do they encourage or discourage use, and how?

Can each page stand on its own?

How is the navigation? Do you get lost? Do you always know where you are? How (or why not)?

How does the site incorporate/interact with its audience? How does it embody the social aspect of the internet (or does it)? Possesses comment sections underneath each article to allow readers to respond to and discuss the article


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