Ever since the Broadcast Journalism course I took in high school (as well as the AP Bio course that ultimately deterred me from my initial interest in a profession in biology), I’ve wanted to pursue a career in film production. As I thoroughly enjoy many aspects of filmmaking (including cinematography, screenwriting, scoring, etc.), I’m not yet sure which field most interests me. However, through my studies as a Communications Major and Film Studies Minor, I’m working to achieve a broad understanding of film so that I can later determine, whether through grad school or work experience, which area I am most passionate about.

Aside from film, another of my great passions is running. I compete for Furman University’s cross country and track teams primarily as a 5K/10K runner and, if all goes well, would like to compete post-collegiately for a running club with other athletes pursuing a career in professional running. As of last year, Furman took on 8 athletes under a professional running club dubbed Furman Elite. These athletes compete in various events in which they are some of the top athletes in the country, one of them winning the national title in the steeplechase just a few months ago and all of them working towards the 2016 Olympics. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have such amazing athletes as training partners and mentors, and I would love to be able to join them upon my graduation from Furman.

For the purpose of this blog (a project for my Digital Communications course), I will be, first and foremost, responding to class readings (attempting to decipher the ideas of Paul Virilio and make subjects like hyperlinking as interesting as possible) as well as showcasing the lives and goals of Furman Elite through various class projects. This will include filming and photographing their workouts and circuit routines, getting their takes on what it’s like to compete professionally, etc. With the completion of this project, I would like to both help promote the running club as well as have something to later reference back to as an example of my work experience in filmmaking, podcasting, and writing.


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